July 27, 2021

1 year of vocational training

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Acquire 1 year of high school education?

Good evening, can you get a high school diploma with a school education that is 1 year old? 🙂

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If you have a qualified secondary school diploma and, depending on the state, have a certain average grade, it should work.

similar questions.

Moin, and although I am considering whether I would like to complete a 1 year training as a nursing assistant after secondary school. However, that would only be an option for me if I were to acquire a secondary school certificate in this training. Mfg questioner.

I have completed the school part of the advanced technical college entrance qualification (business and administration). I would now like to do an apprenticeship before I study in order to acquire the full technical college entrance qualification, including the practical part. My question now is it doesn’t matter what kind of training you do to acquire the practical part or do you have to do it in the commercial area?

Good day,

I urgently need your help and I am grateful for every answer.

I have a secondary school leaving certificate and a completed 3 year training chamber examination 3.6.

I have a 3.2 in my vocational school certificate.

My average grade from Quali is 2.3.

Now what grades do I need to have in order to get a secondary school diploma recognized? ?

I once heard somewhere that if, for example, you go to a 3-year training after the 9th grade with a secondary school diploma, that you get the secondary school diploma when you have completed this?

So I don’t mean the general school requirements but rather the physical ones? I’ve heard that a secondary school diploma is enough for direct training and a secondary school diploma would be enough if, for example, you have completed training as a paramedic. Is that correct?

A secondary school leaving certificate with an average of 2.4 is sufficient?

I have a very good secondary school diploma and would now like to acquire an apprenticeship in a profession that mainly revolves around organizational activities.

Office management clerk caught my eye in particular. Do you have any other ideas?

I’ve finished school and initially unemployed. I didn’t get a salary .. I am still entitled to unemployment benefits?

How do I have to proceed now?: //

I am looking for an apprenticeship and would like to know if the requirements include min. I can then apply for a secondary school diploma + vocational training with my secondary school diploma ?

Many say it is the same, but I’m afraid that the companies will require a school leaving certificate (no matter if Real or Major) and then an apprenticeship in addition to my Realschule certificate.

Specifically, if it says ‘secondary school leaving certificate + vocational training’ as the prerequisite, I can only apply there with my secondary school leaving certificate without vocational training ?

Thanks in advance 🙂

I would be interested in why so many go to high school and then start training. I usually mean the secondary school leaving certificate.

If I already have a secondary school diploma, when I complete a three-year commercial apprenticeship, I’ll get a professional qualification?

With the full technical college entrance qualification (with good grades) and a completed school education (with good grades in the field of electrical engineering), I can shorten the company training as a machine and system operator by half a year?

Hello, I have to do a 3-year apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator next year and I wanted to know what it would be like to get the technical diploma during the apprenticeship and whether I should do it during the apprenticeship because I still want to do the technician after the apprenticeship and if so, where can you get the high school diploma during your apprenticeship live in North Rhine-Westphalia would my grades be sufficient will probably have a qualified secondary school diploma next year ?

I’m looking for an upper school in Hessen, I haven’t worked enough for evening schools, I’m too old for vocational schools. Where can I do my school-based part of the technical college entrance qualification without starting an apprenticeship, I have a good secondary school leaving certificate and I don’t see it as an apprenticeship that I don’t like.

I received my degree (secondary school diploma) in 2017. I am currently in a school education. I applied for a new apprenticeship.

With the apprenticeship contract, it says on the supplement that I should send him the diploma. What is meant by that?

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