July 28, 2021

2000 € High End Gaming PC?

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2000 € high end gaming PC?

Which buy to build yourself? never did it :(?

I wanted to connect 2 screens to 4k 32 inch monitors and stream and record pc games and upload them to youtube and of course edit them 🙂

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In itself a good idea except for the 2 monitors.

Better take a 21: 9 monitor.

Otherwise you can build the PC yourself but you can also have it assembled. That then costs a little more.

Since you want to edit videos, I advise you to AMD Ryzen 7 3rd generation or if you have enough money a Ryzen 9 3900x.

similar questions.

Looking for a good price-performance PC not over 1,200 with which I can work well but also play games. Or maybe even stream it.

Hello, any of you can find a pair of 28 inch 144 hz monitors?

The only ones you’ve ever run into are only 4k monitors.

In itself, 28 inches will probably not be able to get the full potential of a 4K monitor, then a minimum of 32 – 34 inches would be necessary, but I don’t really have enough space for 32+ inches. So, the 4K on 28 inches would be worth it?

Can someone explain to me what the difference between a high end pc and a gaming pc is and what would be better for me? I would like to attach 2 screens to the pc and stream at the same time and play Fortnite there is a gaming pc or do I need a high end pc ? I would appreciate a quick answer. Kind regards your Oreo.

meanwhile I think the typical gaming high end pc is the GeForce rtx 2080, with i9 900k which you can get as pc not under 2000 euros. But would it still be possible to convert a cheap computer into a conversion and how much money would you really save? Enough that it was worth it or rather buy one directly from the market.

I mean to play high end games.

And while I’m looking for an inexpensive monitor for my PC and Xbox One X, since I want a monitor that is as large as possible, I looked and searched in the price range up to 300 € on Amazon. And I found two favorites: Viewsonic 2K at 32 inches and Samsung 4k at 28 inches. What do you think is better?

Every monitor has its advantages and disadvantages: the 4k Samsung monitor has a TN panel with Freesync, the 2K Viewsonic an IPS panel with many different setting options. What should I take ?!

How do you find the PC for the price?

I found it here and am surprised that there are IPS with 2ms and 4k so cheap, or is there a hook?

Can someone put together a high end gaming PC for me. Price doesn’t matter. I’m not quite familiar with parts.

Hello, I like to play PC. But hate monitors and prefer to gamble on my TV. Therefore my question: Do you know a 4K 55 inch TV with a high refresh rate for gaming up to 400 €?

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