July 28, 2021

9 day old lentil soup (with coconut milk). Still edible?

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9 day old lentil soup (with coconut milk). Still edible?

The lentil soup (with coconut milk) was kept in the refrigerator. No signs of mold and it still smells delicious! Can I possibly still eat them, or definitely not at all?

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Mh, nine days is a long time. It would be too long for me. But definitely heat the soup long and high and then try a little bit 🙂

Soup keeps well chilled for a while. But you only have a refrigerator and no cold room (2 ° C) like in restaurants or hotels. Then with coconut milk .

Just try If it tickles your tongue or blisters, stay away from it.

If there is no mold on it and it still works well, you should try the soup a little bit first 🙂

yes, in principle – if we can survive – aesthetically and culinary rather no! :)) -lg.

it tasted (almost) like freshly cooked and looked just like lentil soup as it did 9 days ago.

Just try it. If it tastes strange (sour), it is “to” .. You already have smell and sight tests. 9 days is fine for lentil soup, but I could imagine the coconut milk helped..

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Best before is Jun 2019.

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Hello 🙂 noodles are still edible if you cooked them 1 week ago and kept them in the fridge for the time being?

So are they still edible? It would be a shame to throw them away, they look so delicious! There is still no trace of mold!

Thank you.

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