March 8, 2021

Anime with demons protagonist (similar to Blue Exorcist, Seven Deadly Sins?

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Anime with demons protagonist (similar to Blue Exorcist, Seven Deadly Sins?

Hello 👋🏻 I’m looking for an anime with a demon protagonist who keeps his powers secret from his friends (and may not even know about them at first). And this is best when he gets angry and loses control! 🤩

So an anime that resembles “Seven Deadly Sins”, “Blue Exorcist” and possibly “Naruto”.

P.S. Blood is welcome 😂

Thanks in advance for your answers! Have a nice day / evening!

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Demon King Daimo – is experienced early, but yes. Demon.

I took a look right away! I like that! Thank you!

Fairy Tail, for example. Natsu quite often just gets stronger there because he has something that he doesn’t even know about. Revealed really late.

Perhaps Hundred there the protagonist is not a demon but infected with something, but this also gives him extraordinary powers.

The Devil is a part timer.

I also want to write that fits!

Kimetsu no Yaiba I say.

similar questions.

Who knows anime like z. B. Seven deadly sins or Black Clover, in which there are demons and demon powers? Thanks in advance🙈

I’ve just finished Season 3 of Seven Deadly Sins. since there is no s4 i would like to read the manga. From which band does the anime end and which one do I start from? Many thanks for the help!

So the question sounds really stupid. But now I’ll just describe what I’m looking for in an anime:

So I’m looking for an anime in which, like in “Blue Exorcist” and “Seven Deadly Sins”, the protagonist fights evil, but is in principle evil himself !? So he has the same powers as his opponents. Does the question make sense?.

I don’t know how to put it but like in “Seven Deadly Sins” for example, a demon who fights demons. (Formerly evil)

I hope you understand roughly what I’m looking for! Thank you in advance! Have a nice day / evening!

hello, wanted to know if it is worth watching seven deady sins and how many episodes of the series there are.

Does anyone know of an anime similar to “The seven deadly sins”? Eiso with knights and demons and such ?

Hey I’m looking for an anime in which the main character is always underestimated and is really strong. As with Seven deadly sins.

I’m looking forward to your suggestions. Bye!

Does anyone know an anime that is almost like The Seven Deadly Sins? E.g. With demons etc.

Have watched The Seven Deadly Sins several times and, if there is no new season, it’s boring. (It would also be good, almost like finding Ban in the anime doesn’t have to be but would be awesome).

Would be very grateful.

Kind regards, EstarossaFan18.

Hey, look for Netflix animes that are similar to the seven deadly sins?

I wanted to ask if this year season 3 (4) of seven deadly sins will be released or if it will continue as an anime series at all.

Will the anime the seven deadly sins be continued and if not why?.

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