July 28, 2021

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Weather in Bavaria.

The weather for North and South Bavaria today and in the next 2 days This morning Tuesday 15 ° 9 ° | 15 ° 9 ° | 15 ° 15 ° 9 ° | 14 ° 9 ° | 16 °

Rain at night, low temperatures 6 to 9 degrees.


B5 aktuell – From agriculture and the environment.

The magazine not just for farmers.


Agriculture and Environment All broadcasts.

Culture Thanksgiving in the shadow of climate change.

Extreme weather changes, droughts and heavy rain. Global warming is in full swing and is making agriculture more and https://ukranews.com/en/news/666572-federation-of-employers-appealed-to-zelensky-and-goncharuk-in-mr-bakhmatyuk-s-defense more difficult. As a result, the Christian harvest festival has acquired a new meaning in recent years. [BR24 – BR24 – Tag-Feed: Agriculture]

Bayern fire brigade special operation: Silo threatened to tip over on the cowshed.

It was an unusual mission to which the fire brigade in the Neustadt an der Waldnaab district had to move out on Thursdays. A silo filled with maize threatened to fall on a cowshed. Despite being secured, it can no longer be used. [BR24 – BR24 – Tag-Feed: Agriculture]

Bavaria The harvest balance of Bavarian farmers is mixed.

Bavarian farmers had very different harvests in the 2020 harvest. This was announced by the Bavarian State Office for Statistics in Fürth. Depending on the region and type of fruit, there were losses, but also successes. [BR24 – BR24 – Tag-Feed: Agriculture]

Bavaria The Bavarian Forest and the new life with the wolf.

Some are happy to be back, others are afraid: There are currently two wolf packs in the Bavarian Forest National Park. But what exactly does that mean – for the national park, its visitors and the Bavarian Forest residents? [BR24 – BR24 – Tag-Feed: Agriculture]

Bavaria Ansbach and Weißenburg call on citizens to harvest fruit.

The people in the districts of Ansbach and Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen can now harvest pears, apples or nuts regionally and free of charge – even without their own garden. In some public areas, citizens are allowed to grab the fruits themselves. [BR24 – BR24 – Tag-Feed: Agriculture]

Bayern # fragBR24💡 How much CO2 do I cause when streaming video?

We have been streaming more than ever since Corona. But anyone who watches series, plays or holds video conferences online causes greenhouse gases. Not always the same, however. That depends on the way the data comes to me. [BR24 – BR24 – Tag-Feed: Environment]

Bavaria Why the railway is building a castle for the beaver.

Deutsche Bahn has a beaver problem: the animals keep building castles in the track bed – and thus damaging the embankment. Now the railway makes the beaver an offer that he cannot refuse: They build him a castle. [BR24 – BR24 – Tag-Feed: Environment]

Knowledge Renaturation: Rivers only recover slowly.

Rivers have been renatured all over Germany for years. The near-natural demolition should restore the good ecological condition. With success? Two renaturations show the course that needs to be set for biodiversity. [BR24 – BR24 – Tag-Feed: Environment]

Knowledge Search for a repository: What to do with our nuclear waste?

The search for a final repository for nuclear waste has been in the hands of the state since 2019. The problem: It seems an almost impossible search because the location has to meet many criteria. An important interim report will be published today. [BR24 – BR24 – Tag-Feed: Environment]

Bavaria Bavarian Climate Protection Act: Experts for more concrete goals.

The state government is planning its own climate protection law for Bavaria, the draft is so far too vague for the opposition. Several experts in the state parliament have now also called for improvements – the law should become more binding and verifiable. [BR24 – BR24 – Tag-Feed: Environment]


Take away radio.

The broadcast as a podcast.

Pesticide cocktail: How toxic substances spread in the air.

Farmer emergency number 0561 / 785-10101 | Agricultural Social Insurance Crisis Hotline.

Hear and see.

to audio Agricultural training today conversation with Reinhold Witt, AELF in Weiden.

Some of the things that would-be farmers once learned at agricultural schools are old hat today. What do the curricula convey to young farmers today? [more – Bayern 2 | to the audio: Agricultural training today – conversation with Reinhold Witt, AELF in Weiden]

to the audio notebook conversation Wrong “Heidi” ideal – conversation with Reinhold Messner.

“In the mountains everyone would have room if we distribute them sensibly.” Mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner on mass tourism in the Alps and how, for example, relaxation and nature conservation can be combined. [more – Bayern 2 | to the audio: Notebook conversation – Wrong “Heidi” ideal – conversation with Reinhold Messner]

on audio agriculture, hemp cultivation and other trends: Interview with Peter Doleschel, LfL.

Two young farmers near Dingolfing are growing the old hemp crop again. Hemp seeds, oil and tea are marketed. Does hemp growing have a future? [more – Bayern 2 | to the audio: Agriculture – Hemp cultivation and other trends: Interview with Peter Doleschel, LfL]

to the audio Heidi Perzl, Agricultural Social Insurance Help when the soul is on strike.

Illness, depression, death of loved ones, breakups, family quarrels. What to do if a difficult situation arises in the yard? This is exactly where the agricultural social security comes in and offers help. [more – Bayern 2 | to the audio: Heidi Perzl, Agricultural Social Insurance – Help when the soul is on strike]

to the audio emotions of cows conversation with Silvia Ivemeyer, livestock scientist.

Science today knows more about the mental life of cows than it used to. There are studies that show cows even have something like best friends. What humans can do to make cows feel good and stay healthy. [more – Bayern 2 | to the audio: Emotions of cows – conversation with Silvia Ivemeyer, livestock scientist]

Program tip.

to the audio radio report Pink cow – milk, yoghurt, ice cream straight from the farm.

Not more and more cows and land, but more animal welfare and products from our own new dairy. A lot of risk, a lot of work for Steffi and Michael Bauer in Obermichelbach. [more – Bayern 2 | to the audio: radio report – pink cow – milk, yoghurt, ice cream directly from the farm]

to the video Frugal and all-terrain Soey sheep as landscape maintenance.

Soey sheep existed as early as the Neolithic. They are robust and frugal. They hardly supply wool and meat. But: They are excellent landscape gardeners. However, there are hardly any purebred Soey sheep left in this country. Christian Schäfer wants to change that. [more – BR television | to the video: Frugal and all-terrain – Soey sheep as landscape maintenance]

about WEED How are Bavaria’s rivers and lakes?

The topics: Red alert: WWF is afraid for Bavaria’s rivers | Walchensee power plant and Isar: trickle or wild river? | Mosquito control: danger to fish and amphibians | Water quality: Too much pollutants in the rain | River Renaturation: Saving the Ecosystem | In conversation: Bavaria’s Environment Minister Thorsten Glauber [more – BR Fernsehen | on the topic: WEED – How are Bavaria’s rivers and lakes doing? ]

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