July 28, 2021

Can I use the Young ticket and additional ticket to travel anywhere in Düsseldorf?

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I can then use the Young Ticket and additional ticket to travel anywhere in Düsseldorf?

Hello!! I have a young ticket and buy an additional ticket for price category D for düsseldorf because I have to go there. Can I now travel anywhere in Düsseldorf with the additional ticket and mine because I have to take a bus or train from Düsseldorf main station to the desired destination!

Do I have to take an extra ticket for this or can I take the s-bahn and bus in düsseldorf with the additional ticket.

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I understand you correctly: You don’t live in Düsseldorf, but in the VRR area; Your Young Ticket is not valid in Düsseldorf, but you would like to travel to Düsseldorf as an exception??

Then you need an additional ticket each for the outward journey and for the return journey. The additional ticket is only available in 2 price levels. Basically you need the additional ticket 2 for 3.50 euros. (There are only cheaper exceptions if you have a Young Ticket at price level A and Düsseldorf is a neighboring tariff area or a neighboring city for you. This does not seem to apply to you.)

Answer to your question: You can buy the additional ticket at your start stop or at your start station and validate it if necessary. It then applies to the destination stop somewhere in Düsseldorf, even if you have to change to other means of transport once or several times in Düsseldorf or elsewhere. It does not matter which VRR means of transport you use for which section.

Be careful only with longer breaks or on tours!

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