July 27, 2021

Convert YT Video to MP3?

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Convert YT video to MP3?

How can I convert video from YT to MP3? What I find there with Google is blocked by my AntiVir. Or it costs, or you have to register.

Is there a simple converter? Whether online or as a program, better online.

Windows 10 64 bit.

Thank you for pointers.

5 answers.

This is what it looks like:

Here’s a tip: With this Firefox add-on you can bypass the GEMA and country lock on Youtube: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/touch-vpn/ This works together with the Youtube downloader addon and also allows you to download blocked items.

Both addons are free.

Okay, I’ll try tonight. None of the other links work. Everything is blocked or you should register. Then Firefo opens and you can only close it via the task manager.

It is converted with an online converter, but it cannot be saved in Dropbox or with the QR scanner. Hope I get it with your advice, but it doesn’t work like it used to with the onlineconberter. Apparently the YT is blocking recently.

I’ll get back to you tomorrow. Thank you first.

Dropbox can also be integrated as a drive letter in Windows. This works with this tool: https://www.raidrive.com/ Then you can choose the drive letter of Dropbox when saving the above-mentioned YouTube addon.

It is also possible that you have acquired adware unnoticed. This can be used to remove adware from the system: https://de.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/

Then I would install this Firefox add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/browser-cleaner-pro/ This can be used to clean Firefox.

Yes you are right. It was blocked by AdAware and also by ESETMod32 my antivirus.

Now I’ve finally got it. This Easy Youtube Converter is also better than the convet2mp3.

Thank you very much for your help.

So if you want to separate the audio from the video, you can do this with an online converter, just select the MP3 format:

Either you use a video downloader that can generate an MP3 file by itself, or you use a video => audio converter.

This means that MP3s are always generated with 256kbit. And unfortunately the program can’t handle playlists.

For this I recommend:

This playlist function, however, only works with the “Premium” version.

To convert videos to different audio formats, I recommend:

Thank you. But I did it with the add-on from Morzilla.

Also works on the cell phone.

no that doesn’t work anymore.

I’m fine.

convert2mp3 (dot) net / why should that no longer work? I use it all the time to download music.

Yes, sorry, it is still possible, but some protection programs are blocking it. That was not the case before. Now I get it.

Thank you.

and finally you can download your music from the video.

similar questions.

Hello, I would like to convert a 10 hour video into an mp3 format and then drag it to my usb stick. Unfortunately, most Youtube converters do not accept such large files. What can I do or what alternatives are there? need it on my usb stick.

I want to download a 12 hour long video from YT as mp3. But with all the online mp3 converters that I have tried, an error message appears that the video is too long. Is there a way to download this video?

I don’t feel like recording the whole 12 hours.

I need a YT to MP3 converter, a program that converts video into audio files. It should be virus-free, free and legal, of course. (The program should be for the PC)

Can you use the online converter convertio.co to convert your own files from .flv to .mp3?.

After a while the Free youtube to mp 3 converter from Video Soft is pointing to the pointer, now I have found out that there are even online converters, such as youtube-mp3.org/de or convert2mp3.net/

But I’m not so sure how good these pages are and whether you can trust them (I think I’m a bit paranoid ^^)

Could you recommend an online converter to me or rate the two that I found?

I need a good MP3 converter that should only download the mp3 file from a YT video but every one of them doesn’t work!

The converter2mp3.net works on the cell phone, but the page tries to turn a virus on my PC !? The converters offered by Chip either need 16 minutes for a download because I don’t have a premium or, for example, the 4ktoMp3 converter is good, but HitFilm2017 does not recognize it as an Mp3 file, there is only a symbol and an error. The converters in the Microsoft Store are all weird too! What should I do, does someone know a converter that doesn’t need 16 minutes because they don’t have premium etc. ?

I’ve been trying to convert a video for a long time, but can’t find a suitable site for it and don’t want to download any program that may not support the format at all.

Do you know a converter that is free, easy to use, really supports any source / file and can also format links or online videos from any source or from different sources in mp4 or other formats ?

Most of the time when I convert a video with an online converter they end up in a slideshow instead of converting the actual video.

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