July 28, 2021

– kiss goodbye?

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-kiss goodbye?

Hey, I would really like to kiss a friend (my crush) because I love him very much and want to show him. Should I hug him goodbye and kiss him on the cheek? (He still sees me as a friend at the moment)

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Its worth a try: P.

Whoever fights can lose, whoever does not fight has already lost. Remember that 🙂 But you should already know when it is appropriate and see it realistically. The worst thing is to get your hopes up and be disappointed.

similar questions.

In a previous question, I asked how I should say goodbye to my crush. With the answers I will confess my love to her. I want to hug you afterward and then kiss you on the cheek.

Should I do that or should I leave it and leave it with a hug.

My crush, my girlfriend and I were on the way home today. My crush and my girlfriend are very good friends and he always gives her a kiss on the cheek today I said goodbye and then he also gave me a kiss on the cheek. My girlfriend told him that he should also give me a kiss . We’re also very good friends.

How should I greet him should I just hug him or give him a kiss on the cheek and should I tell him that I love him or not.

Thank you for the answers.

Hey 🙂 I (17) fell in love with a girl (15) from my class. On Thursday I’ll pick her up at home on my motorcycle and we’ll go to school together. Do you think I can hug you (1) in the morning as a greeting? (We haven’t hugged yet; but I think that she at least likes me) and the second question would be: do you think it’s too much of a good thing if, when I drive her back home, I (2) her Kiss on the cheek Is that too much then?

And how do I know whether she wants both 1 and 2 or not?

I will most likely have my first date with a girl on Friday. I am 14, she is 15. Now I wanted to ask if it would be a good idea to hug her in greeting and kiss her on the cheek in parting.

Would that be a good thing or should I give her a kiss on the mouth? In any case, you don’t want to shake hands in greeting because that seems far too distant to me.

thank you in advance.

I would like to kiss someone. But don’t trust me on the mouth, that’s why I want to kiss her on the cheek. My question now is if I kiss her on the cheek that she now “only” sees friendship in it.

I want to show her that I love her. Can you show that with a kiss on the cheek? By the way, I wanted to give her another necklace with a heart.

Want to kiss my boyfriend goodbye on the cheek.

Or should I put my mouth straight away?

Have never kissed before.

How do I, as a girl (16), greet him at the first meeting? hug or kiss on the cheek? Isn’t a kiss on the cheek too much and doesn’t it perhaps take you off guard? and if he kisses me on the cheek first should I give him one back? am very clueless and would like to know what you think about it.

welcome in a relationship.

soo I’m fresh with my boyfriend and we have already kissed. now I have a question:

when i meet my boyfriend i want to kiss him in greeting. but should I hug him first, then give him a kiss or first kiss then hug?

I don’t know how to kiss her, should I give her a kiss on the cheek or directly on the mouth, I think I should first kiss her on the cheek and then on the mouth on a second date. Then is erotic? Or what do you mean?

LG PS am 13 and have never kissed..

I’m in a relationship.

that’s why I ask. so not on the mouth but only on the cheek.

hello my crush and i had a date 3 days ago and when he said goodbye he kissed me. we’re not together yet. tomorrow we’ll meet again. should we then hug or is he expecting a kiss???

At first I thought that you are not allowed to kiss or hug your boyfriend (not married), but I read on the Internet that you can hug each other and even kiss on the cheek or something like that. May give. You just can’t exchange saliva, is that correct?

Is the fast then broken?

As his little brother, I want to show him how much I like him. He was always there for me and always a role model and he helps me no matter what. He shows me his love.

With hugs like that and every now and then a kiss on the cheek or something, but I can’t do that because I am not able to give someone a kiss or something or to hug on my own.

How else can I show him that I love him?

Hello, I am a Muslim and have been fasting for several years and of course I also believe in every single word in the Koran and try to behave according to regulations as far as possible, but I have a friend who I want to marry and who is also mine Want to raise children according to islam. We are too young to get married but have already had sexual intercourse (everyone is responsible for their own mistakes, so please no moralists), but my question is whether I can kiss my girlfriend on the cheek when I see her or at least hug her. Of course just to show her respect and not to alleviate my sexual urges? So kiss / hug yes or no?

Thank you in advance and have fun and success in Ramadan.

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