July 27, 2021

Too Many Male Hormones Hyperandrogenemia?

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Too many male hormones hyperandrogenemia?

was already with the endocrinologist, it was also confirmed to me that I have too many male hormones. The doctor said I should take the pill my WHOLE life, there was no other cure.

I have too many male hormones and too few female hormones .. So actually my hormone balance is messed up, I don’t know why, because I’m 19 and have never taken the pill. does anyone have experience with it? What have you done. I would like to go to a naturopath, but unfortunately it is too expensive.

I couldn’t pay that.

2 answers.

Look e.g. times here:

Wishing you all the best!

Try vegan for 1 month.

Animal products contain hormones (milk, eggs, etc.)

That’s why it could be.

Hyperandrogenemia in women poses significant health risks:

Increased cardiovascular risk Sterility and pregnancy complications 3-fold increased risk of endometrial cancer.

Whether a change in diet is the method of choice.

similar questions.

I just got it prescribed for male hormones because everything got mixed up after my op.

Has anyone had any experience with it? My girlfriend got water retention, changes in fat cells, a broken lymph system, too much liquor and a clogged liquor channel from the Valette, for example.

And she said that this pill was something like the Valette. Has anyone else had the experience with this pill? I asked the question earlier whether a pill is good or not.

Since I know which one I have now, I would like to know.

Are there other ways to get rid of male hormones in women other than the pill? Or is that only possible with the pill? I’m really sad about it 😭😭 went to the gynecologist and she said that I have male hormones. Is that bad?

In any case, she said whether I want to take the pill and I said no and that I would like to wait. But does this male hormone go away? And how can I get rid of that except for the pill?

I have a really strong body. Currently there are also a lot of pimples on the face. I’m so desperate and I just don’t know how to get rid of this persistence..

Unfortunately, I suffer terribly from excessive hair growth and that’s why I went to the gynecologist, but he won’t tell me what I’m suffering from until the next appointment. I’m afraid I have too many male hormones because all of the symptoms are true. I therefore have questions about the pill against too many male hormones. Is there a pill that can help against excessive hair growth and for larger breasts? Has anyone already had experience with the pill against too much hair?

What happens after taking the pill? Does hair still grow, fall out, or grow slowly and thinner after taking the pill? If you stop taking the pill, your hair will grow back as it used to?

thank you in advance.

Hey everyone 🙂 So, I wonder what happens when you take the birth control pill? I have very blemished skin. Would that then maybe improve? Is it true that there are female hormones in the pill?

So, can it be that a woman who has too many male hormones (and therefore a lot of muscle mass, male features, hair.) Looks more feminine? And what exactly can a birth control pill change? For example: breast growth, regular cycle. I would be really happy about your answers and your experiences about it 🙂

If a woman has too many male hormones, can the doctor only prescribe the pill, or are there other ways to reduce the male hormones ?! Since I have hair almost everywhere, can the hair no longer grow ?! I would look forward to an answer? 15 years / female! 🙂

If you have too many male hormones as a girl at 13, it goes away or you have to take something?

Hey 🙂 I’ll start taking the pill again soon and a few months ago the gynecologist told me I had too many male hormones. Could it be because I have smaller breasts and when I start taking the pill they will probably grow? And the pill works immediately and you should wait a certain time?

My sister was at FA, she was given the Maxim pill against many male hormones .. She has multiple body hairs and blemished skin in some areas .. what experiences have you had with it?

Hey, well, almost the whole question is up there.

Could someone tell me what happens to a woman who has too many male hormones and how exactly it goes away??

Thanks in advance😊

Hey and I (female, 16) don’t feel good about my body .. I think I have too many male hormones.

I went to the doctor with my mother 2 years ago and she said I have a lot of male hormones and the pill might help. My mother freaked out because she thought I was too young and then we just left..

And now I’m 16 and I feel so uncomfortable .. I have:

1. Hair loss and bald spots.

2. I am extremely thin, although I eat, so many tell me..

3. I have hair above my lips and also on my chin, back, legs, even on my arm, but not normal but a lot, I was even bullied at school because of it. That’s why I put it away with wax..

4. My voice !! It’s so deep .. Everyone even speaks to me about it!

5. I don’t even have breasts like any other woman I always have to push them and even put socks in, I’m so embarrassed..

I feel like a man and don’t know what to do next .. I find myself so ugly!

What should I do? Would a gynecologist help? Can there still be help at all?

I’m at the end of my nerves and don’t want to go out anymore..

I (F / 17) have hair on my neck. Does that mean I have too many male hormones? What can you do about it .

As my question already reveals, I want to take the pill again because I have too many male hormones.

However, tomorrow is my 5th day of the cycle and I would not like to wait another month.

Does this mess up my body more than when I start my period on the first day? Because I don’t want to cause hormonal chaos..

Would the gynecologist also give me the pill if I said that I only wanted it because of my pimples. So yes it reduces it. (I have mild acne on my face and body too). And the pill actually helps if you have too many male hormones.

That would be my second reason..

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