July 27, 2021

What’s the difference between 400 and 800 dpi?

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What is the difference between 400 and 800 dpi?

Currently playing in Overwatch with 800 dpi and 5 ingame senses. I just watched a good Ow streamer and it only plays with 400 dpi. But with ingame Sens 11.

What is the difference between these two Dpi configurations. Is it better to save the mouse movements and execute them more precisely at 400 dpi? ?

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MarklinHD actually explained it quite well.

The dpi number indicates how fine a Rasta is over a square inch, the higher the dpi number, the shorter the distance that triggers a movement registration on the x / y axis.

The in-game sens indicates how big the on-screen step should be when a movement is detected.

For comparable values, however, you still need the resolution or the fov.

Usually one speaks in this context of effective dpi (you would have 4000, the streamer 4400 dpi).

I play CS: GO, the low sense players mostly use an eff here. dpi from 400-900, I personally from 1350, your values ​​are already very high and you have a very high in-game sensation, which makes fine corrections difficult.

I’ve never played OW though, so maybe agility is more important than precision here.

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