July 28, 2021

Would Messi go to the Bundesliga?

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Messi would go to the Bundesliga?

What do you all mean ? Which club would have a good chance ?

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Actually only Bavaria would have a chance, mainly because of the salary. But don’t think that the Bundesliga attracts him. England and Italy are the favorites, but you never know how it will turn out.

Bavaria would probably not pay such a high salary either.

Messi would then have to meet with the salary.

you can forget that. Apart from Bayern and Dortmund there is no competitor.

And the stars, like Messi, always want competition.

Nope, very unrealistic. Bavaria would be the only club that could be considered and, compared to other top European clubs, they are less willing to pay such transfers or salaries. Also, it doesn’t quite fit in with Flick’s football mmn.

The only capable team would be FC Bayern. BVB has the second best chance. The rest can forget.

He’s going to Paderborn.

In Paderborn, Messi would only be one of many top stars, he doesn’t go there.

similar questions.

In the negotiations with FC Barcelona I agreed on 160 million and Messi refuses every contract .. I offered him 1.1 million salary with a 20% goal bonus and contract duration, he continues to reject everything. how can I sign him for my club? He always thinks he’s happy in his club.

You read it yourself in the news. Everyone is just talking about Messi’s potential Barca exit.

What do you think he is going or not going?

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m no longer a fan of my Bundesliga soccer club, but rather of one from the 3rd division. When I tell other football fans that, they tell me you stay with a club fan for life and don’t just change. Should I stay a fan or become a fan of my new favorite club?

I also don’t want to support 2 clubs.

Hello, I want to keep it short and sweet, is it possible to play in a Bundesliga club without selection, so I mean the chances are higher or lower with selection. Thanks for answers.

Messi has 547 goals for club and country. Josef Bican holds the world record for most (official) goals of all time namely 805 for club and country. Do you think Messi can still make up the remaining 258 goals in his career?

It is said that Pelé has scored 1280 goals, but those numbers include hundreds of friendlies and national team games. Could it be that Messi or any other player has long since surpassed Pele on official goals.

It is possible that FC Bayern 2 will rise, but there is a rule that there must be a gap between the 1 and the 2 club?

He is extremely hyped and referred to as the new Messi. He’s probably moving to the Bvb, whose position is he then or does he not play tribe at all? And with which Bundesliga player you can currently compare him in terms of skill?

I personally don’t like Rb. I think the club doesn’t belong in the Bundesliga! What do you think of RB and how do you find the upcoming cooperation with SC Paderborn?

Assuming (purely theoretically) Eintracht Frankfurt wins the Europe Leage this season and at the same time reaches 4th place in the Bundesliga. The club would then be doubly qualified for the Champions League. Is it the case that e.g.

5th place in the Bundesliga is also allowed into the Champions League because Eintracht Frankfurt is already in it, or how is that handled?

Hi, I haven’t been interested in football for long and would love to support a club and maybe buy a jersey, which club can you recommend to me? (Should play in the Bundesliga) At the moment I would prefer FC Bayern, I’m just not quite sure yet. Please give reasons to each club, thank you!

In football, do you also call Argentina club, for example? “Messi plays for Argentina.”

I would like to know what the best Sky package is where you can see Bundesliga, Champions League and the DFB Pokal. Can you also see the Champions League and the DFB Pokal or Europa League or only the first to third Bundesliga with the normal Bundesliga package? So I would like a Sky package where you can buy 1-3.

Bundesliga, Champions League and the DFB-Pokal.

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