July 28, 2021

Would you women / girls look at the guy’s penis first before you have sex?

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Would you women / girls look at the guy’s penis first before you have sex??

The result is based on 11 votes.

13 answers.

Yes, of course, before I met my husband, I asked every guy on the street to let their pants down

After that, of course, I assigned a point system, took photos and compared the things.

What for Character? The only thing that matters is what’s going on in your pants and blouse. Or? 😳

And of course it is tried out first. After all, you want quality and endurance. 🤔

When you’ve got through 100, a smaller selection is made again using the point system

After all, Germany is looking for the superstar

The shelf life could then be improved, as it is well known that superstars only last a maximum of six months

Then you have to try 100 again. 🧐

To be continued! 🙃

There is also something true in there, right?

Nope, I wouldn’t and I never have.

But if you follow such criteria, you don’t have to ask yourself whether you want to stay alone or not.

You just stay there, whether you like it or not.

Honestly: Find a smart girl, take a good look at her character and invest your feelings there.

The appearance changes and so does the state of health.

If everything goes down the drain, what is left?

Thank you for the asterisk! 😄

That was so deserved.)

Um. So I don’t really care as long as he has one xD.

But I only have one when I’m with him. And I don’t even care about quality as long as I love it. For example, my friend needed 1Y until he made me come and yet I hadn’t left him before and never would have.

But there should also be bags that went as soon as we thought he was too small. I can’t stand someone like that. And you don’t need one.

Are determined themselves lousy in bed and otherwise what form an xD.

So you better look for the right one. After all, looks fade with age and someone who was previously important will leave you too.

Only when the time comes, or when it comes to it, do you get to know the penis. And no, you don’t run away screaming if you don’t like it, but look in general as the sex with the man is like. And if it fits, then the penis is right.

By fits I meant when the sex between the two people works.

What kind of girls do you get to know??

Do you have to lower your pants immediately and they all have a caliper with them and measure?

So no, what you come up with.

Thought you are already old enough for the girls to get to know you and your face and your way first.

Um. what does look at? I wouldn’t really consciously look at it and then decide whether I want to have sex or not. But for me it was always like this that I just saw what the penis looked like before we had sex. Normally you start more with petting, and then you can see and feel something for what it is. The man can’t hide it completely either.

If the man would consciously leave the penis in his pants, turn off the light, stay under the covers and so on, so that I certainly don’t see or feel his penis before we have sex, I would probably want to see it because I’m worried, what shouldn’t be right there😅 But no, I don’t consciously examine the penis beforehand.

similar questions.

I’m 16 years old and I met a girl at a party. We got on well and would like to do more with her. The problem is that she already has a lot of male experience with men of different nationalities (blacks etc.) and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to keep up with these foreign imports.

So my question is if my height (16cm) (don’t worry, my penis grows with my age) is good for a lady whose vagina is probably as wide and deep as the Mariana Trench. Or should I just wait until I hit 30. Thanks in advance: 3.

For women, sex with a circumcised penis is better for you than one without it, or rather the opposite?

I M 19 have a lot in my pants and would like to know whether it is a deterrent to women when the man is well hung or whether there are even girls who like big cocks.

The question goes to all women. Which did you prefer to cut or not??

Hello dear community.

I have a penis that is bent upwards from the base of the penis (it lies / stands mostly on the stomach), but I am not sure whether this could be a hindrance during sex.

When it comes to self-amusement, it has so far been problem-free, except that I can’t really inject and it tends to run out, but I don’t know exactly whether that has something to do with it. 😅

Do you have experience with it and can you give me tips or feedback?

Thank you, LG 🙂

The relationship with my boyfriend is going down the hill right now. Because before sex his penis is nice and stiff and big, but as soon as I open the condom pack his penis becomes small.

P.s. He seldom gets one up with me, but as soon as he sees other lightly clad women (whether slim or wider) something stirs in his pants immediately.

What can I do?

I mean you can first start orally and then start the sexual act before it comes or.

I’ll be 16 in May (3 months from now) and my problem is that my penis is only 12 cm long and not really thick. my testicles aren’t the largest either. Even though I’m now almost at the end of puberty, I wanted to ask whether the penis and testicles can still grow or has the train already left (I already have light facial hair and in general I’m quite hairy, so the penis should finally grow .)? And now please don’t these 0815 answers because of yes, the average is so and so and that my penis is still normal (because that is by no means normal.

I mean, in the boys’ shower after exercise, you can see that the others already have a long one, unlike me) or that later on when having sex with women it depends on the technology, because nowadays it is simply that it should be long if you don’t want to be laughed at.

I’m just really worried because, at almost 16, I’m almost at the end of puberty and the others downstairs are already quite grown up and I just don’t. will my penis still grow, or will it no longer work.

Hello, I am 15 years old and my penis is 13.5 cm long and my question is whether the length is okay for you women / girls, how do you see the bigger for my age? And you can save yourself the stupid answers.

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